ON THE ROAD project

independent animation project of two people /visual artist & musician/

Our main idea is to create unique short art films - animations from different places of the world,
inspired by a particular country in which we are located, its culture and people.

Animation/short movie - this type of art enables us to combine music and visual art in one.

Animations reflect very much also the real-life feeling of both autors, which are running up and down trying to find the secret of life. That’s why we choose our name as a team /and also Lucia means light, Peter means stone/: :)

We were already with our project in these art residences:

- Nau Côclea
/Camallera, Spain/, Mach - April 2011
- Cité Internationale des Arts /Paris, France/, Jun - November 2011
- Mecklenburg Inspiriert /Kuhlungsborn, Germany/, January - March 2012
- Bains Connective /Brussels, Belgium/, April - June 2012
- Centre d´Art La Rectoria /Sant Pere de Vilamajor, Spain/, September - November 2012
- Ateljé Stundars /Solf in Korsholm, Finland/, January - June 2013
- Bridge Guard - Residential Art, Science Centre /Štúrovo, Slovakia/, October 2013 - March 2014


Lucia Černeková – visual artist /drawing, painting, animation, mixed media../

Her work is about life around and inside us. The present world full of different feelings and situations. Reflects a generational sense.

education - Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava /Master of art/, Design Skolen Kolding in Denmark
exhibitions - Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Denmark, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Finland
residences, symposiums – Slovakia, Poland, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium
student animated films - Taxi, Run, Bla, Mess/age/, Oops



Peter Luha - composer, instrumentalist and singer, teacher

education - Comenius University in Bratislava /Master - pedagogy, music theory, guitar/, Guitar master courses, Public Conservatory /guitar/, Public School of arts - violin, visual art
residences - Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Finland
- several years in Academic Singing Choir COMENIUS /also as the main solo singer/ with many awards from choir competitions
- I. place in the International Guitarist Competition „Gitariada 1999“ /Czech Republic/
- organizer and director of international guitar festival GUITARFEST in Bratislava /2006, 2007/ and guitar workshops
- official endorsement - Framus guitars, Elixir strings, K&K sound, Klema guitars
- performances throughout Europe


- guitar video channel